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Grace's first day of school

Grace's first day of school finally came in September.  She was so excited for her chance to get to go to school after watching Richie and Sophia leave to school every day for a few weeks.  I helped her pick out her outfit and did her hair and I couldn't get her to take off her back pack before we left.  She was so happy!
When she was unbuckled she jumped out of the van and started running toward the building yelling, "Bye, Mom! Love you!"  She didn't even wait for a hug or anything.

Dad caught up to her and we all walked in together.  She found where to hang up her back pack right away and wasted no time getting settled in.  It made me happy that she was so happy to be at school.

She said her first day was great and she really liked the treat she got from her new teachers.  Every morning since that first day she wakes up and asks if she has school that day. It really is one of her favorite things in the world.