Monday, June 30, 2014


January was not all that eventful, the weather is usually pretty terrible so we don't do much other than try to stay warm and not go crazy being stuck in the house all month. Here are a few highlights, though:

Grace moved on from nursery to Sunbeams.

I put Josie's hair in piggy tails for the first time.

She did not like it! Her head is so tender and it was a pretty traumatic experience.

This notice showed up on the fridge one Sunday morning.

It was named the "Josie Orchestra" but it was actually a band that Richie formed and held auditions for. After he conducted the tryouts, he posted the results.  I am still waiting for their first gig, but I don't think the band stayed together.

Josie decided she is ready for makeup.

I kept finding Grace hiding under the table with a tub of Cool Whip. I'm not sure why she thinks it is a good hiding spot, but she often goes under the table when she is doing things she knows she shouldn't be, and I always catch her. I call this shot "The Cool Whip bandit strikes again!"

I attended the Caine College of the Arts Grand Gala that Richie co-hosted at the Lyric and discovered that I made the gallery wall.


We finished out the month with a trip to the ER.
I hadn't been feeling completely well for a few days and then on the morning of January 28th I started feeling some major discomfort and abdominal cramping. I took some ibuprofen thinking it was just really bad menstrual cramps and I felt a little better for a few hours. Then mid-afternoon, just before it was time to pick up Richie from school I started feeling a lot of pain. I took another ibuprofen, but in the fifteen minutes between driving down to the elementary school and little Richie coming out, the pain had progressed so much that I was in really bad shape, I was breathing so heavily that Sophia even asked me, "Mom, why does it sound like you're having a baby?" I realized I was probably having kidney stone pain, so I tried to get ahold of Richie, but he wasn't responding to my texts or phone calls. I knew he was in a meeting, and I figured I could find him if I went up to the university.

As I was driving the pain was really bad, my vision started to go blurry, my legs were numb, my whole body was shaking and I was nervous that I might pass out. I was so concerned that I wouldn't make it to Richie, and I had this car full of kids I needed to keep safe, but I kept going, breathing deeply and praying that I would make it. When I got to the fine arts building I got the kids out and carried Josie into the building and started looking for Richie. I was really struggling, I had to hold on to the wall to keep myself steady and I was scared I might pass out before I found Richie.  Luckily he was in the first place I checked and I felt badly about interrupting, but as soon as Richie saw me holding Josie, hunched over in pain, he jumped right up and left his meeting to help me.

We went straight to the hospital emergency room and got checked in. By the time I was admitted the pain had started to subside a little and when I finally saw the doctor the pain had stopped. I guess the stone stopped moving. They did some tests and scans and found a very large stone, but decided to send me home to try and pass it on my own. That was disappointing, but I didn't know what else to do. When I saw my urologist a few days later and he looked at the scan and he size of the stone he wondered why the ER hadn't paged him that day, because he said there was no way I was going to pass the stone on my own. He recommended a procedure call shock wave lithotripsy, where they use sound waves to bombard and break up the stone into small enough pieces that they can pass. I was nervous about having surgery because I was going to have general anesthesia, but the pain kept coming and going, so I was ready to get rid of the stone.

I had the procedure the second week of February and it actually went really well. When the doctor came in for a pre-op conversation he looked at Richie and got very excited. He said, "It's the famous Richie Call!" And proceeded to talk to Richie for ten minutes about the Lyric Rep. It was nice that he supports the Lyric, but I began to wonder if he remembered why we were sitting there in the hospital. Eventually I was taken into the operating room for the procedure. It turns out that general anesthesia is so much less scary than the spinal I would get for my c-sections; I just took a few deep breaths and drifted off and before I knew it I was waking up in the recovery room. Richie says that as I was coming around I said, "Do I have to wake up?" And when he assured me that I did not, I said, "Don't you want a hamburger?" So I guess, deep down I just want a good nap, and to make sure Richie is taken care of.

I was relieved that everything went well. Richie had to leave on a business trip to L.A. the day after the surgery, so my mother-in-law stayed with me for a couple days and then took the girls to Idaho for a couple days so that I could recover. It took about a week for me to feel normal, but I wasn't in pain anymore, and that was wonderful! I hope I never have to go through that again.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

I'm back! Did you miss me?

Now that it has been SIX WHOLE MONTHS! since I blogged, I thought maybe I should finally put up a new post.  I haven't been absent because we haven't been doing anything, I just haven't been in a blogging mood, but I am going to try and catch up from all the way back at Christmas.

We had a great Christmas!

We visited Santa at the mall.  

The girls helped me make sugar cookies. Yes, that is flour all over Grace's hair.

Then the whole family helped decorate them and deliver them to friends in town for Family Home Evening.

Our annual Christmas Eve pajamas.

The kids were all very thoughtful about the gifts they got for each other and everyone was really happy with what they got on Christmas morning!

Josie was actually more interested in the chocolate in her stocking than most of her gifts.

Everyone took at least one turn on Josie's rocking horse.

Sophia didn't take off her roller skates all day long!

The day after Christmas we drove down to Blanding.

During our family Christmas dinner, I was feeling like something wasn't right, and I realized I was really missing Drew and Eryka and their kids. The next day they surprised all of us and just showed up all the way from Brazil! It was a Christmas miracle! Our entire family hadn't all been home at the same time in years. We had to take pictures, because who knows when (or if) this will ever happen again. I love my family and we had a great visit over Christmas break.

These are some of my most favorite people in the whole world!

 My kids declared that it was the "Best Christmas EVER!" And it really was...until next year.