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January was not all that eventful, the weather is usually pretty terrible so we don't do much other than try to stay warm and not go crazy being stuck in the house all month. Here are a few highlights, though:
Grace moved on from nursery to Sunbeams.
I put Josie's hair in piggy tails for the first time.
She did not like it! Her head is so tender and it was a pretty traumatic experience.
This notice showed up on the fridge one Sunday morning.

It was named the "Josie Orchestra" but it was actually a band that Richie formed and held auditions for. After he conducted the tryouts, he posted the results.  I am still waiting for their first gig, but I don't think the band stayed together.
Josie decided she is ready for makeup.
I kept finding Grace hiding under the table with a tub of Cool Whip. I'm not sure why she thinks it is a good hiding spot, but she often goes under the table when she is doing things she knows she shouldn't be, and I always catch her. I c…

I'm back! Did you miss me?

Now that it has been SIX WHOLE MONTHS! since I blogged, I thought maybe I should finally put up a new post.  I haven't been absent because we haven't been doing anything, I just haven't been in a blogging mood, but I am going to try and catch up from all the way back at Christmas.

We had a great Christmas!

We visited Santa at the mall.  
The girls helped me make sugar cookies. Yes, that is flour all over Grace's hair.
Then the whole family helped decorate them and deliver them to friends in town for Family Home Evening.
Our annual Christmas Eve pajamas.
The kids were all very thoughtful about the gifts they got for each other and everyone was really happy with what they got on Christmas morning!
Josie was actually more interested in the chocolate in her stocking than most of her gifts.
Everyone took at least one turn on Josie's rocking horse.
Sophia didn't take off her roller skates all day long!
The day after Christmas we drove down to Blanding.
During our fa…