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March M*A*R*C*H March

In March Grace got a new bike. She was thrilled to move up to a real bike from her tricycle. I thought I might try to teach her to ride without the training wheels right away, but that didn't happen. She loves that it is purple, her favorite color.

 The weather was so nice that we went to a playground for the first time this year.

We found out a couple days before the spelling bee finals that Richie had made the finals for his grade. He hadn't been practicing the words on the spelling list, so his Dad started drilling him on them the night before the spelling bee. Richie was very reluctant to practice, but he worked for a couple hours on the word list. We went and watched the spelling bee and he did so well! The top three won trophies and he really wanted a trophy. There were probably 25-30 kids in the finals and one by one they were being eliminated and Richie kept spelling his words correctly! It was so exciting and stressful. Finally it was down to four and he was one of t…


In February we went ice skating at Merlin Olsen Park. Sophia had been asking to go ice skating ever since she saw the rink at the beginning of the winter and on the first Monday of the month, Dad came home and said we were going ice skating for Family Home Evening. I wasn't sure how we were going to manage all four kids between the two of us, but the kids were all really excited about it. It was a snowy, cold night so we bundled up and went down the the rink.

Sophia was a natural! She zoomed around the ice really easily and was just in heaven. She loved it so much.

Richie had a more difficult time. He kept losing his balance and he fell and hit his elbow over and over. It was really discouraging for him, not to mention painful.
Grace had fun, she would carefully scoot to get around, but mostly she would lie down on the ice and make snow angels. It was a fun night, and while not all the kids were very enthusiastic about going skating again, Sophia couldn't wait for us to do i…