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The kids finished school the last week of May, so the first week in June we took all four kids to Idaho to spend the week at their grandparent's house. They had so much fun! It was nice to have a little break, but it was so quiet at the house and I really started to miss the kids, but I was so glad they got to make some wonderful memories with family.
This picture was taken at a trampoline place that they all loved.
With all my free time I was able to get a hair cut, and I really got a hair cut!

I also made a quilt top. It has been a long time since I worked on a project and I never would have been able to finish it with the kids around. I love how it turned out. Now the girls get to fight over who gets to put it on their bed.

The Lyric season opened. The company had three other Rutger's grads this summer, which was pretty cool.

We went to see the company perform at Summerfest and Josie thought it was a little loud, but since then, every once-in-a-while, she suddenly and loud…


Dad coached Richie's soccer team this spring, despite his busy schedule. For a while it looked like Richie wasn't going to have a team because they couldn't get a volunteer to coach, but Dad figured out a way to make it work. The team almost went undefeated, but ended up losing two games.

Grace graduated from 3 year old preschool.

If a sprinkler was on, there were girls playing in it.

Swimsuit, or not.

Ready for summer!

April Continued

At the end of April Sophia ran in her first fun run at the elementary school. She was so excited to finally participate after watching Richie run the last three years, and to have her aunt run with her.

I ran with Richie, but he was too fast for me, so I am not in the pictures, but his best friend from his class is right in front of him.

The kids had swimming lessons all month long.

Josie practiced her hair-styling skills on me.

And we went to the temple on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and took some pictures on the grounds.

April: Easter in Burley

For Easter we went to Burley to celebrate. The kids had a blast that weekend. First there was a candy egg hunt.

Then there was a pinata.

Josie enjoyed the treats.

Easter morning the kids were thrilled with what the Easter Bunny brought them.

Josie enjoyed the treats.

The girls modeled their Easter outfits. I made the skirts this year.
We tried to get our annual Easter picture of the kids.

We tried and tried.

And tried some more.

The kids played.
And finally, we had the confetti egg hunt.

Easter in Burley is always a party! But we made sure to take some time to remind the kids why we celebrate Easter. If it wasn't for the Savior's sacrifice for us, we couldn't enjoy all the wonderful blessings of being a family!