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July, part 2: Grace's birthday

July is Grace's birthday month! Grace has always brought so much sunshine to our family. She is happy, easy-going, smart and SO funny! In recent months she has decided that she is no longer a little girl, she is a big girl, and we are not allowed to call her "cute" under any circumstances; she is only beautiful and pretty. She is very serious about this, don't mess with the big girl! I love her more every day and I'm so proud of the girl she is growing into.

Grace's birthday really snuck up on me this year. For a couple weeks I kept thinking her birthday was a few days earlier than it actually is, and when I realized my mistake, I was so relieved that I had a little more time to prepare, but I still didn't feel ready for it. I should have been completely prepared, because before her birthday Grace would ask me every day if it was her birthday yet. She was SO excited when I was finally able to tell her that her birthday was the next day. We didn't have…

July, part 1

July was a busy month, from the 4th of July, to Lagoon, to Grace's birthday and more! It is one of the reasons it has taken me so long to get to July, I just have so much to share!

The month started with a quick visit from Grandma Gail and Grandpa Worthy. They stayed at a hotel so the kids could do some swimming. In past summers we went swimming at least twice a week, but this summer we didn't find the time to go, between playing with friends and all the activities we were doing, so swimming at the hotel pool was a lot of fun for the kids.

 Grace stopped taking her naps this summer and so this happened a lot, especially on a day like this when she wore herself out swimming; she was asleep before we even left the parking lot.
We got all the kids new 4th of July outfits and I made them pose for pictures.

Richie didn't really pose, he played. And Sophia climbed a tree. Grace posed. And posed. Josie was just cute! 
And this is my all-time favorite picture of the kids! The 3r…