Tuesday, September 30, 2014

July, part 2: Grace's birthday

July is Grace's birthday month! Grace has always brought so much sunshine to our family. She is happy, easy-going, smart and SO funny! In recent months she has decided that she is no longer a little girl, she is a big girl, and we are not allowed to call her "cute" under any circumstances; she is only beautiful and pretty. She is very serious about this, don't mess with the big girl! I love her more every day and I'm so proud of the girl she is growing into.

Grace's birthday really snuck up on me this year. For a couple weeks I kept thinking her birthday was a few days earlier than it actually is, and when I realized my mistake, I was so relieved that I had a little more time to prepare, but I still didn't feel ready for it. I should have been completely prepared, because before her birthday Grace would ask me every day if it was her birthday yet. She was SO excited when I was finally able to tell her that her birthday was the next day. We didn't have an organized party, but I did decorate with balloons and streamers to make it more festive for her. The Barton girls were visiting that weekend, so they ended up helping it feel like a party, and Grace was really happy to have her cousins here.

I put a curtain of balloons outside her door as a wake-up surprise. I think Grace liked it and I know Josie thought it was really cool

One of her cousins made this birthday balloon hat for her. She really liked it, she just doesn't look like it because she is still waking up.

Richie really likes to photo bomb lately.

After church she opened her presents.

She was pretty happy about this doll.

One of her other gifts was this Ana dress-up costume from "Frozen"

She asked for butterflies this year, so I made butterfly balloons and strawberry butterfly cupcakes.


 Photo bomb!

We discovered that the balloons float above the air vent when the ac is going. Whenever it happened Josie would squeal, "Magic! Magic!"

Josie loves balloons, even if they aren't magic.

The day after her birthday, Grace asked me when it will be her birthday again. I guess she had such a good day, she can't wait for the next one!

Friday, September 26, 2014

July, part 1

July was a busy month, from the 4th of July, to Lagoon, to Grace's birthday and more! It is one of the reasons it has taken me so long to get to July, I just have so much to share!

The month started with a quick visit from Grandma Gail and Grandpa Worthy. They stayed at a hotel so the kids could do some swimming. In past summers we went swimming at least twice a week, but this summer we didn't find the time to go, between playing with friends and all the activities we were doing, so swimming at the hotel pool was a lot of fun for the kids.

 Grace stopped taking her naps this summer and so this happened a lot, especially on a day like this when she wore herself out swimming; she was asleep before we even left the parking lot.
We got all the kids new 4th of July outfits and I made them pose for pictures.

Richie didn't really pose, he played.
And Sophia climbed a tree.
Grace posed.
And posed.
Josie was just cute! 

And this is my all-time favorite picture of the kids!  
The 3rd was a very hot day, so I filled some water balloons and turned on the sprinkler and sent the kids out to play. The balloons were gone is less than five minutes.
When the balloons ran out Dad decided to play a trick on Sophia. 

Look out Sophia!

She was NOT happy about it!

 Look out Dad!

Grace didn't mind the bowl. She kept filling it up in the sprinkler and pouring it on herself.

That night we went to the stadium for the fireworks show. Waiting is hard for little ones and by the time it was dark, it was way past bedtime and Grace and Josie were asleep in our arms.

They woke up in time to watch the fireworks, though.

We had four very sleepy kids on our hands for the walk home. 
On the 4th the kids went with their dad and aunt to ride in the parade on the Lyric float.

That weekend we took the kids to Burley and celebrated a little more. This was the first time we have done at-home fireworks with the kids and they all loved the sparklers.

Grandma put some makeup on Sophia and I don't normally let her put on makeup, so she was very excited about it. After she put on this hat she said, "As president of the United States, I declare that anyone can wear makeup, whatever age they are!" And then, looking at herself in the mirror, she said, "I really do look like the president...a really well-dressed president."

The kids spent the week in Burley again while Richie and I went to Cedar City with the Lyric apprentices for the Skakespeare Festival. These are some of the pictures we got during the week. They love playing Ring Around the Rosie on the trampoline with the sprinkler on.

At the end of the week we all met up in Logan and then we went to Bear Lake.

We spent the afternoon at the beach and then we stayed over night in the cabin of one of Richie's students. We made sand castles, buried kids in the sand, flew a kite, and played in the water, of course. It was so much fun!

Call cousins in a cabin.

We were pretty worn-out after a couple fun days at the lake, but it was totally worth it. We love the beach!