In Blanding the flu hit our family. The night before we came home Grace started throwing up and then she was sick for about a week. In that time little Richie also got sick, and just when I thought the rest of us had avoided catching it, Josie started throwing up one morning at 4 a.m. That day at about 10:00 the early wake up and the illness caught up with her. We had been snuggling on the chair together and I realized I needed to put her sheets in the dryer so I could make her bed in time for her nap, so I ran down to do that and by the time I came back upstairs I found her asleep in the chair.

Between Grace and Richie getting sick, we decorated the tree. The kids helped Dad put up the lights and the kids put on the ornaments. Quite a few of the ornaments got broken this time, but we don't even miss them. The kids always do a great job decorating the tree. Now everyone is healthy and excited for Christmas Day!


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