Sophia's Birthday

Sophia has wanted to have a birthday party at The Fun Park ever since Richie had one there a couple years ago, and she finally got her wish this year. She invited friends and they had pizza and played in the soft play and went roller skating. Sophia is a good roller skater but her friends had a harder time and mostly hung on to the wall. They all had fun though, and Josie and Grace just enjoyed running around the rink in their socks while Richie and Dad played arcade games. Everyone enjoyed themselves and Sophia was thrilled about her party.

The birthday party was a couple days before her actual birthday and Sophia was quite happy to celebrate twice.

It was mustache day at school for Red Ribbon Week, I think the idea was something like "I 'mustache' you to say no to drugs" or something like that. I am never very prepared for things like that so I didn't have mustaches for the kids to put on, but they were happy to have me draw them on their faces. Richie wanted one like Waluigi's, and Sophia just wanted a traditional mustache. Later in the day I discovered that Grace apparently felt left out because she gave herself a mustache, too.


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