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Playing catch up...again.

When 2015 began I was determined to post regularly on my blog, but here it is the middle of April, and I am way behind. Maybe I can get caught up and stay on top of it from here on out. We'll see if that actually happens.

January: New Year's Eve in St. George.

We spent New Year's Eve with my brother's family at their new house in southern Utah. Our kids have always gotten along really well but now that they live in Brazil they only come visit twice a year, so we decided to take a few days of our Christmas break to be with them while they were in the country. It was a fun visit, and on New Year's Eve we even let the kids stay up until midnight for the first time. We spent our time there just hanging out at the house so we could visit and the kids could play. It was a nice way to end our vacation.

The girls let Stella do some face painting with her water colors.

The boys were in heaven because they were allowed to play their video games almost every minute they were…
When I saw Richie and Sophia last night, I was reminded of a picture I took four years ago. It is amazing how some things change, and others stay the same.